Breathwork Therapy

“For real change to take place, the body needs to learn that the danger has passed, and to live in the reality of the present.”
The Body Keeps the Score. By Bessel Van Der Kolk

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork involves using continual circular breathing to activate your subconscious mind. bringing awareness and insights not easily accessed through traditional therapy.

Until I experienced this, I would never have believed that by simply using the rhythm of my breath, it would hold so much power within me. For me Breathwork cut to the core and released trauma that was still held within my body at a deep cellular level.

For me, this is what Breathwork offers.

By using the power of your breath, you have the ability within you to process healing and transformation at a deep cellular level. Whether you have just started out with your inner healing, or like me, you have been healing trauma for years, the Breathwork sessions I offer will take you to a whole new level of deep processing and letting go.

And, they say Breathwork releases 70% of the toxins in your body! An added bonus!

Theresa McMordie

breathwork therapy session

What does a Breathwork session look like?

A Breathwork session lasts for approximately two hours and involves in-depth intuitive investigation, exploration and one hour of circular connected breathing practice.

The first session

Includes a thorough interview where we will discuss and explore the situation you would like to investigate and set free.

After sharing, you will be guided in a one hour breathing practice and receive 1:1 support to unravel deeper layers of tension, stress, belief systems and suppressed emotions dissolving past tensions that have been stored in your body.

At the close of the session

There is time to share your experience, ask questions and understand the process. I may offer you relevant suggestions and possible assignments to work with, which will support you until our next session.


How Do I Book?

I offer a 2-hour session at £140

A discount for a commitment of 5 or 10 sessions is available. Please contact me for further details.


I had a breathwork session with Theresa and it was truly incredible, I knew it would be powerful but it blew my socks off, I went to ask for assistance with my monthly cycle which led to unlocking areas on rejection and abandonment that I didn’t even know where there, areas I thought I had cleared and areas that I didn’t even think had affected me, all with using the breath, a session with Theresa is highly recommended and can unlock areas and release energy you didn’t even know needed clearing. I have a small business that I never really gave much attention and Since doing the session I have taken big steps to revamp the website, join google business, started looking into room hire and really took the initiative to try and get myself reachable, little things like providing my mobile number are huge for me, and this was immediate, the results are astonishing and I am very grateful to her for this clearing. Highly recommended.

Nicola E