Energy Cleansing

As well as my Healing Therapies, I also offer a range of Energy Cleansing sessions.

Clearing Homes, Buildings or Trauma Sites of Negative Energy.

Spirit Release and Energy Management.

Spiritual / Energy Protection.

Curses, Spells, Black Magic, Psychic Attack, Intrusive thoughts, Negative Thought Forms.

Clearing Homes, Buildings or Trauma Sites of Negative Energy.

Space clearing energy cleansing is an ancient art of clearing stagnant energy and has been practised in many parts of the world. Since earliest times people have performed ceremonies to purify and uplift the energy of homes, temples, shrines and public meeting places.

Have you ever walked into a house, hotel room or a village hall and felt an uneasy feeling? Some people are particularly sensitive to this and it happens to me quite a lot. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we are all influenced energetically, and we can be adversely affected by detrimental energy.

All buildings tend to collect blocked energy which is absorbed by the walls, floors, furniture and ornaments. This intrusive energy can cause an oppressive atmosphere leading to heightened sensitivities, arguments and tension among occupants and will remain stuck until it’s transformed and cleared.

I will identify the cause, safely remove it and rebalance the space. I will also provide you with methods for minimising the energy recurring.

My intention is not to drive spirits away, but to assist them to gently move into the light. Most spirits are released with no trouble as they are happy to go.

I prefer to offer this service in person, but I can also work remotely.

Up to 2 hours visit: £100 plus travel.

Spirit Release and Energy Management.

Spirit attachment happens when another energy, not belonging to your soul, enters your physical body or electro-magnetic energy field energy field.

The goal of a spirit release energy cleansing session is to remove the energy attachment, and to cleanse, balance and restore the person to optimum health and to prevent the problem happening again. It is a comfortable, safe and simple process. During the session I try and find the root cause of why the energy attachment joined in the first place.

During the session, I will also teach you grounding and protection techniques to reinforce your natural protection to prevent more attachments in the future.

I offer this service in person or remotely.

£75 per session

Spiritual / Energy Protection.

I will teach you the simplest form of maintaining a clean and healthy aura whilst keeping the door closed to unwanted intruders, earthbound spirits, negative entities and thoughtforms.

£25.00 half an hour
£45 hour

Curses, Spells, Black Magic, Psychic Attack, Intrusive thoughts and Negative Thought Forms.

They may seem far fetched to someone who has never experienced this type of spiritual attack, but I have sadly become more aware than ever, with how these intrusions can be sent our way, in both our past and present lives.

I will work with you to go to the source of the intrusion, transform it, cut cords and send healing.

Psychic Attacks are usually planned by a person who is either jealous or bears a grudge against you. The good news is they are easy to clear.

I will also teach you how to spiritually keep your energy management clear.

£75.00 per session.