Amethyst Elestial Crystal Rock 1.91Kg


It is widely believed that Elestial crystals only enter into your life when they are meant to and at the exact time you are ready for them to do so. Once there, they will provide you with loving guidance from the spiritual realm, acting as a communicator between you and your higher self.

Connecting with an Elestial crystal helps you channel what you are spiritually ready to face and provides vibrations that support the development of those messages. As you continue to grow, Elestials can bring in new energy, evolving with you as your needs change.

This is one of the ‘essential’ crystals for any collection!  Amethyst is a calming stone that allows you to quieten your mind and is a great aid to restful sleep and effective meditation.  Allowing you to work towards inner peace, it is a must have for times of stress with its nurturing and healing properties.

Amethyst is the ideal choice for working with both the Third Eye and Crown Chakras due to its ability to opens intuition and enhances psychic along with increased spiritual awareness.

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