Angelite Buddha 55mm


This beautiful Angelite Buddha has been hand carved. Each piece is unique and perfectly shows the quality of the stone and the craftsman’s skill.

Believed by many to symbolise good luck, prosperity and abundance, Buddha statues inspire us to develop inner qualities that allow us to achieve happiness, good fortune, and satisfaction in our lives.

Angelite brings inner peace, calm and a sense of serenity, and is the ideal crystal for relieving the overwhelming feelings that stress and anger can bring. Used to connect with spirit guides, guardian angels and your higher-self, Angelite dispels fear and encourages forgiveness.

Angelite is the ideal crystal to use when healing the Throat Chakra as it has the ability to improve communication and allows you to speak your truth.  It also resonates with both the Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra, bringing a connection to your higher-self and the ability to communicate with spirit.

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