Bowenite Crystal Generator – 7.5cm


Like all Generator Points, this Bowenite beauty can be used in combination with other crystals to create a powerful energy grid, opening and aligning; opening energy blocks whilst harnessing positive energy.

Considered by some to be the ‘New Jade’, Bowenite is known as the “Stone of the warrior” for its protective abilities from enemies, love, friendship, and connection to your ancestors.

It is an excellent crystal to have if you’re moving house as it helps you make a clean break from the past, past traumas, and gives you freedom to travel your path.

Aligned with the Heart Chakra, it is very much a crystal of love, friendship and gratitude and produces a protective energy shield that radiates in all directions.

Bowenite is also a dream stone and can enhance the remembering of dreams as well as help in dream interpretation.


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