Calcite Angel 56mm


Calcite helps with insight and allows you to discover the root causes that trigger negative emotions of anger, resentment or envy. The understanding and insight you gain then enables you to release any negative emotional patterns, allowing self-forgiveness and paving the way forward.

Meditating with Calcite opens awareness to higher dimensional energies and can bring insight and knowledge about your true soul purpose.

The frequency of Calcite connects to all of the Chakras but especially the Crown Chakra, helping to clear blocked and imbalanced energy.  It stimulates the Third Eye Chakra bringing increased insight and clarity to your consciousness, allowing your energy to vibrate at a higher level, improving both your physical and spiritual well-being.

This beautiful hand carved Angel will be the perfect addition to any crystal collection.

Crystal Angel carvings help us to connect with our own guardian angel that protects us in everything we do. Place your Crystal Angel in a central area in your therapy room, home or office for extra guidance.

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