Inner Compass Love Meditation Cards


Inner Compass – Love cards are designed to guide you through all your relationships. They are the internal map for a life filled with love; inspiring you to cultivate and maintain healthy interactions throughout all your connections. The cards open your eyes to the many ways in which connection is possible, awakening your relationships into healing opportunities to amplify love, growth, and connection.

This deck contains:

A sturdy keepsake box filled with:

  • 49 beautifully designed cards full of wisdom and symbolism.
  • and a guidebook to help you interpret and integrate each card.

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About The Cards

Many of us walk through life distracted and despondent, having lost touch with our true calling and purpose. over time, confused by the constant demands and expectations of society, we lose sight of our full potential.

In the broadest sense the cards open up an interesting dialogue – with either yourself or others, it is a healthy and holistic lifestyle tool for men and women aiming to unlock self-awareness and their unique potential. Every day shuffle the deck with focus and intention, pick one or more cards instinctively, and your intuition will guide you toward a new pattern of belief and positivity. Every card represents a unique theme that will revive consciousness and stimulate motivation. It is impossible to choose the wrong card; the right one will always present itself!

The Inner Compass deck consists of 49 carefully and intuitively curated cards with an accompanying guidebook to navigate your journey of self-discovery.

Designed with intention to aid in personal growth and awakening, the cards open new life pathways and perceptions exploring alternative themes and patterns. let your subconscious unravel the many layers of universal wisdom and symbolism within it’s depths and remember, all the world is yours.



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