Labradorite Crystal Carved Bear 76mm


The Bear symbolises an intention to travel within and connect with the places where your intuition and higher self reside.


Labradorite is known to be a protective crystal with a highly mystical quality. It is the bringer of light and will deflect unwanted energy from entering your aura, helping you to overcome fears.  It is able to calm an overactive mind making it great as a protector and is the ideal choice for grounding.  From a health point of view, it encourages total health and wellbeing and allows you to breathe deeply as you look to the universe and accept all it has to offer.

Connected to both the Throat Chakra, the tool of communication and the Third-Eye Chakra that connects us to the spiritual world, Labradorite toes that line between what we need here on earth and what can help us to leap higher.  Helping us to speak our truth while allowing us to remain rooted in our authenticity.


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