Obsidian Pyramid 36mm base


A protective and grounding healing crystal, Black Obsidian is a powerful aura cleanser that will protect you against negativity. It is made of the combined elements of fire, water and earth, making it one of the strongest and most effective and protective healing crystals you will come across.

Obsidian is perfect in cleansing the effect of stress and disharmony that have built up in your day to day life, ridding you of fear, anger and resentment. Its innate ability to reveal truths, letting you know the answers to secrets and questions you have struggled to find answers for, leaving you feeling light, refreshed, and in control of your destiny.

The ideal cleanser and healer of the Root Chakra, Obsidian helps to harness the Earth’s energy and strengthen your connection to its healing vibrations allowing you to free yourself of negative emotions that you may have buried deep within; leaving you feeling stabilised and grounded.

This beautiful pyramid is highly polished making it perfect to put on display.


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