Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Tumblestones


Rainbow Fluorite is the ideal choice when your mind is scattered with a mess of thoughts, to-do lists, overwhelm and general anxieties.  It has the ability to heighten mental abilities, allowing clarity and organisation when your thoughts are chaotic and concentration is sparse.  It is a great crystal to keep with you at work or whilst studying!

Its ability to absorb negative energies from the environment around you allied with its powerful ability to support your mind and spirit, even around toxic people and situations, make this beautiful stone a must have for your collection.

Rainbow Fluorite is particularly beneficial to the Heart and Crown Chakras and is a superb meditation aid, allowing you to breathe, focus and let go of earthly concerns, and instead allowing both clarity and enlightened wisdom from the Universe to flow freely into your mind.

Tumblestones are produced by “tumbling” rough crystals in grit. As time passes, finer and finer grit is used until the edges of the crystals are smoothed and start to become polished, before ending up beautifully smooth and infinitely tactile.

Due to the tumbling process, each stone will be unique in shape, size and colour.

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