Check out what previous clients have said following working with me

“I attended the Angelic Reiki Workshop with Theresa for parts 1 & 2 and she made me feel totally loved, safe and protected whilst in the learning environment. Can’t wait for the next instalment.

Thank you Theresa for your ever supporting guidance and knowledge xx”

Lesley Ford

“I have worked with many healers over the years and am very choosy about who I let work with my energy.

Theresa made me feel relaxed and held from the moment I walked through her door.

I felt very safe which allowed me to deeply relax and access wisdom I hadn’t managed to in all my years to doing spiritual healing.

During our session I had a number of profound realisations which have rippled through and positively impacted my life.

She is a skilled and intuitive healer I would work with her again in a heart beat.”

Britt MacFarlane

“I have received healing from Theresa on many occasions both in person and distantly.

She is very thorough in her approach and dedicated providing a fully comprehensive service.

She obviously loves what she does and at any time that I have spoken with her she is always excited to be fulfilling her role as a healer and teacher of healing modalities.

Having received healing, both distantly and in person I can definitely say that she has a wonderful ability and I could not recommend her highly enough”

Matthew Haines

“My hypnosis experience with Theresa was warm and relaxing. Theresa put me at ease, gave me the confidence and techniques to practice and the reassurance that I could overcome my block. This made me feel less foolish about something I have hated about myself for years.

Theresa exudes a friendly genuine nature in abundance. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask for help again. I know I won’t be judged and Theresa has the knowledge and expertise to help whether the issue is large or small. Any experience that lifts your spirits and makes you feel good about yourself has to be worthwhile. Thank you Theresa ?”

Tricia Robinson

“I first had the pleasure of meeting Theresa in a professional manner at what was one of the toughest periods of my life. I had been diagnosed with a disease that effected my sight, and left me registered partially sighted. It was a scary and lonely period of my life. Part of me wanted fiercely to be independent, and part of me wanted to hold onto everything that was ‘normal’ to me, and that was integral to my life.

Theresa helped me to manage both. Her skilful knowledge of working with visually impaired people was incredible. She knew of every resource, from kitchen aids, to mobile phone apps, and everything in between. The thing I struggled most with, was accepting a white cane. Theresa’s patience and never-ending positivity helped me to understand that I could have independence, it was just going to be in a different form.

Throughout my period with Theresa as my rehab support, the thing that got me through the toughest, darkest days, was her constant positivity, and her professionalism. Not once did she push anything on to me. She was guided by where I was at, and knew how hard to push, and just when to sit back and let me talk. It was because of this support that I was able to stay in fulltime employment, and to regain confidence in so many areas of my life. I will never forget the support she gave me. She helped me regain my life.

Throughout my period of illness, I was plagued by the most intense, burning pain in my hands and wrists. Doctors were unable to explain it, and the strongest of medications did not touch it. I would have endless nights in tears, I was at the point where I would lie awake and think amputation would be easier to cope with than the pain.

Theresa talked to me about regression therapy. I was sceptical, but I had tried everything, from acupuncture, splints, hand therapy, strong powerful medication, but nothing relieved the pain. What harm was there in trying regression therapy?

After talking through what I was hoping to achieve from the therapy, Theresa talked me through the process. Throughout she checked that I was okay with what was to happen, and encouraged me to ask questions. I felt safe, and at ease throughout.

Within days of the therapy, the pain had gone. I could not believe it. I tried everything I could to trigger the pain again as I was in complete disbelief. Nothing. No pain. Almost a year on, I am doing things with my hands with no pain, I can knit or crochet for hours, I can garden again, I can do repetitive tasks without any pain.

Anyone that has ever met Theresa will know that she has one of the most beautiful, caring souls. She has a genuine love of working with people, of helping people, and bringing out the best in them.

Anyone that has not met Theresa yet, your life will be so much richer for having her in it.”

Helen White